Name:         Leggy
Birthdate:    Feb 14
Birthplace:   U.S.A.
Residence:   Finland
Gender:       Female

Creator of REMusicals

Internet History

  I didn't become much of an avid internet-user until my late teens. During those years, I mostly utilized the web for communicating with friends, exploring fandom sites I enjoyed, and meeting new people through various chatrooms.

  My YouTube account was created on August 8, 2006. I made the account alongside my husband. We originally created it as means of favoriting and commenting on videos we liked, but I ultimately took over once I started uploading my own content. I began making REMusicals as a way of passing the time and to meet fellow fans of the Resident Evil franchise.

  From 2006 ~ 2009 I worked very consistently on the REMusical animations. It was a steady climb, but over just the first few months of uploading, my YouTube channel started to gain a lot of traffic. To my surprise, the numbers only continued to rise and the REMusicals officially had a fan-following. But in 2009 my life had begun to get very busy, and unfortunately the REMusicals fandom was teeming with negativity by that point. So with that, I made the decision to take a long hiatus from YouTube. In 2010 I made a slight return with a new Survivor episode, but mostly remained estranged until 2013.

  Now the REMusicals continue on to this day, alongside other animations. I also regularly access my deviantART account where I upload various artwork and other projects. Hosted on Discord is my chatroom, Teh Stream, which is generally active on weekends. Teh Stream is also essentially my own personal franchise with various media forms.

Personal History

  My earliest inspiration for art and drawing came from Disney animated movies. In my teenage years I came to enjoy various anime/manga styles, and also gained an interest in video games. I didn't start animating until I was in college, but only did so as a personal hobby. I was studying art in college, but never had any courses or training for animating.

  I grew up on the east coast in USA until 2009. I now currently live with my husband in his home country of Finland. He's one of the main reasons I began animating and has always been a voice of support for me. Online, he uses the alias Jack. During my time in Finland, I continued my art studies at a private college where I majored in comic art.

  After graduating, I have worked a few jobs through Finland's work practice program. I have been an artisan, translator, librarian, and a creative director. At one point I unfortunately became very ill and had to take a long leave of absence from work. My condition was very serious at first and required multiple hospitalizations before Crohn's was diagnosed. The disease can sometimes affect me to where I cannot work, but for the most part has been under control since then.

  My future plans are to continue focusing on my content creation of art and animations. With help from Patreon, the REMusicals have proven to remain successful, so I don't have plans to stop drawing or animating any time soon!